Kawan Discord Bot
Kawan – Multipurpose Discord bot
Forget commands! Get things done without memorizing a single command.

Kawan, meaning “Friend” in Malay, is a friend that can understand you needs using your own natural language.

Instead of commands, Kawan uses natural language understanding (NLU) to interpret your messages and provide you with appropriate answers and actions.

He’s currently learning how to be a good enough friend, so you’ll have to wait before adding this guy to your Discord server. 😉

How to Use

Kawan weather

Kawan doesn’t need commands, he’ll understand you as long as you’re making sense!

Features – Tricks up Kawan’s sleeve

  • Getting the weather
  • Bugged!Reminders
    (Once you set a reminder, there’s no going back)
  • LimitedChit chat

Avatar taken from icons8.